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BlokSec can be configured to support passwordless login to Dropbox.

The BlokSec ↔️ Dropbox integration enables authentication via the SAML protocol. Configuration involves a few simple steps on both the BlokSec admin UI and the Dropbox admin console.

BlokSec Admin UI

  1. Sign into BlokSec admin UI as a user with admin privileges for your tenant

  2. On the main dashboard, click the Add Application drop-down and select Create From Template, and select Dropbox

  3. Complete the application details as follows and submit:

    • Name: Dropbox (or your desired application name – we will assume this is called ‘Dropbox’ for the remainder of this article)

    • Entity ID:

    • **NameID Source: **Account name

    • Assertion Consumer Service:

    • Name ID Format: EmailAddress (keep default value of EmailAddress)

  4. Click Submit to save the configuration

  5. Click View Cert and then select Copy. Paste the certificate in a text editor of your choice and save the file as BlokSecDropboxCert.pem

  6. Make note of the **SSO Uri **as it will be required when configuring Dropbox

Dropbox Admin Console

  1. Sign into the Dropbox admin console as a user with admin privileges for your tenant and select Admin console

  2. Navigate to Settings > Authentication > Single sign-on

  3. Complete the identity provider configuration with the following values (adjusting if required to meet your desired behaviour):

    • Single sign-in: Select the appropriate option from the Single sign-on drop down menu

    • Identity provider sign-in URL: Copy / enter the SSO Uri noted in step 6 above

    • X.509 certificatate: Upload the certificate file saved in step 5 above

    • **SSo sign-in URL: **Select Copy Link

    • Click Save to apply the configuration changes

  4. Send your users the URL from the **Copy Link **selected above to login passwordless to Dropbox