This feature facilitates restore of all the accounts when you switch to new device or need to reset or restore the device (e.g., in the case of a lost phone)


To back up the user’s root account information, use the below method. It requires you to send a PIN / passphrase. This PIN is important as it is used to encrypt the data being saved to the output QR code and is therefore required during the restore process. Please provide clear instructions to the user not to forget this PIN / passphrase, and to keep the QR code in a safe place.

This method returns QR Code in form of UIImage. Save this QR Code securely. Without it, the user will not be able to restore their account(s) and would have to re-register.



To restore the user, scan (or load from photos) the QR code that was generated during backup. Use below method to restore the account by passing the data extracted from QR code along with the passphrase and the device Token:


Updated 16 Apr 2022
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