Microsoft 0365

BlokSec can be configured to support passwordless login to Microsoft Office 365 (0365).

The BlokSec <> Microsoft 0365 integration enables authentication via the WS-FED protocol. Configuration involves a few simple steps on both the BlokSec admin UI and Microsoft Active Directory using PowerShell.

BlokSec Admin UI

  1. Sign into BlokSec admin UI as a user with admin privileges for your tenant
  2. On the main dashboard, click the Add Application drop-down and select Create From Template, and select Office 365
  3. Complete the application details as follows and submit:
    • Name: Office 365 (or your desired application name – we will assume this is called ‘Office 365’ for the remainder of this article)
  4. Click Submit to save the configuration
  5. Select View PS Script and copy the cotents to file on your device and update the following parameters:
    • -DomainName <domain_name>: Change the value to the federated domain name.

Office 365


  • Before you can federate users from Office 365 to BlokSec, you need to add the domain to your Office 365 tenant. If you have not done this, please follow these instructions on how to add your domain. Note that the *.onmicrosoft.com domains cannot be federated. Also note that during the addition of the domain (on step 2 of the process), Office 365 will ask if you want to add users, select the option "I don't want to add users right now."
  • You will need to use the Microsoft PowerShell tool. Here are the instructions to install the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant and the Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell.
  • Please ensure that your domain is federated.


  • In PowerShell, type the following command and enter your administrator credential for your Office 365 tenant when prompted:
    • Connect-MsolService 
  • Once successfully connected, copy the updated verion of the View PS Script with the correct value of federated domain from step #5 above and paste / enter in PowerShell command prompt

Updated 22 Mar 2022
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