BlokSec Admin Console

In order to administer your BlokSec client you will be given access to the BlokSec admin console - this is where you can configure your application integrations, get the Application ID and Application Secret required to integrate with OIDC or call our APIs, or plug your applications into the service with SAML2 or WS-Fed. If you haven't already been provided with access to the admin console, please fill in our Getting Started form. We will create a test tenant for you to try out, and send you a registration link.

Accessing the Admin Console

To access the admin console you will need the yuID Authenticator App (should your organization decide to customize the authenticator app, you will be able to access your production console using that app once it's launched). Please follow the yuID installation instructions, and click the registration email that will be sent to your as part of the onboarding process to complete the link between your admin console account and your authenticator app.

To access the console, please visit https://<your-tenant-name>.bloksec.io (your tenant name will be provided to you in the registration email, and can be customized from within the admin console).

Updated 19 Apr 2022
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