When you choose to login using BlokSec, an authentication request is sent to the app with a request ID which can be used to fetch the request object from the API. The authentication request may be sent via push notification, email, or SMS.

Push Notification To complete authentication flow use below APIs in the sequence.

1. Get the request ID from the push notification Payload Email or SMS

In the case of Email or SMS, the user is given a URL with the domain https://bloksec.io/request/<requestID> which will be delegated to your app to handle as a deep link.

1. Extract <requestID> from the URL

After getting the request ID follow the below mentioned sequence of APIs to complete the authentication. 2. Use the request ID, to fetch the request details which could be displayed to the user and ask for the consent:


3. Send the user response to the BlokSec service


Updated 16 Apr 2022
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